It’s a Revolution

Something is happening in America today. Christianity is undergoing a revolution.

You can see it in on the Internet in chat rooms and on forums. You can see it in churches. You can even see it on the evening news. People are waging a war over the soul of the Christian faith.

Why? Because people are hungry for the truth. They’re tired of the church’s hypocrisy. They’re tired of the intolerance exhibited by people claiming to love others. They’re tired of the efforts to politicize faith–an attempt to build a “Christian nation” in name and appearance, but one that’s devoid of moral substance. And there are also people who are tired of the unbelieving critics, those who spew intellectually dishonest arguments against Christianity to defend indefensible positions, enlarge their own egos, and turn others against the faith.

I fall into both of those camps. Like the Apostle Paul, I’m fed up with hypocrites and slanderers. And so are thousands of my generation who long to return to the basic truth of scripture. It’s time someone stood up and spoke the truth in an intellectually honest manner. I hope this blog can become a rallying point for those–whether believers, skeptics or critics–who are searching for the truth.

Over the life of this blog, I will cover such topics as the Bible’s position on divorce, the “health and wealth” doctrine, holiness, sexual immorality, women in ministry, the end times, and the Holy Spirit. I will attempt to be as accurate as possible, delving deep into scripture to provide context, referencing the original Greek and Hebrew where necessary, and quoting New Testament scholars. I will also address the corruption in our culture and how it has seeped into the church.

Anyone is allowed to disagree with what I publish here. I welcome discussion from all viewpoints. However, I ask that dissenting opinions be stated in a reasonable manner. Comments that involve name-calling, belittling or abusive language will be removed.

Stay tuned for the faith revolution.

2 responses to “It’s a Revolution

  1. I’m so impressed with the raw honesty of this blog. Thanks for “carrying the torch” with the many of us who are with you on these issues!