Today I’m reblogging from Rebecca Trotter’s “The Upside Down World.” Her post expresses what I’ve come to feel about this issue in recent years. It may be lengthy, but is worth reading all the way through. Enjoy.

The Upside Down World

Let me be clear up-front: I do not support a right to abortion on demand. In fact, if I were made ruler of the universe, I would make abortions enormously difficult to get. Because I’m a mean and cruel woman. No, not really – I’m actually very kind and empathetic. But I am in agreement with Mother Theresa: “it is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live”. I don’t think abortion is an answer to what is really a societal failure. I don’t only oppose abortion from a pro-life perspective. I think abortion is bad for women, worse for relations between men and women and displays a level of animosity towards women as they are – people whose bodies can start new life – which is evil and vile. If we have a society where the normal functioning of a woman’s…

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  1. I commented over there, and I’ll add it here. 🙂

    I so much agree. I was heavily entrenched in the pro-life movement about 5-10 years ago. I started out volunteering at a Pregnancy Resource Center, and eventually worked my way up to being on staff as a Client Services Director, and managing the volunteers. It was there that I began to see the whole picture of abortion, and how changing the laws won’t do anything at all (not that the laws will ever be changed). I absolutely agree with you–this is a social issue that is wrapped up in so many other issues. Decreasing abortion means actually meeting people where they are and meeting real needs–whether that be spiritual, emotional, or physical. It’s so often all of them. Great thoughts!