A Worthless Religion

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Let me describe a common scenario for you. A Christian is surfing the Internet and sees where someone has posted a disparaging comment about a particular Christian belief, practice, or faith in general. The Christian feels a twinge of concern and decides this is a good opportunity to engage the writer. Of course, her purpose in responding to the comment is to show how wrong and ignorant the writer is and maybe convince a few folks to turn to Jesus. So she begins to respond, keeping her tone calm and polite at first.

But then, people don’t answer her in the way she expects. Some purposely antagonize her and hurl insults. Others challenge her beliefs with provoking and unfair questions. As the conversation continues, she becomes increasingly frustrated and angry. Soon, her responses are no longer calm and polite. The writer of the original comment is written off as a sad, amoral idiot who will see the truth only when it is too late to save himself. Continue reading

Healing from Sexual Abuse

Today, I want to talk about an issue very dear to my heart: Healing–specifically, healing from sexual abuse. Healing is another one of those surprisingly controversial subjects in Christianity today. Some people receive healing from addiction or illnesses instantaneously, laying down their cigarettes or crutches without another thought. For others, healing comes more slowly, occurring over weeks or years. Still, some people pray repeatedly but never experience healing. A few Christians believe that God doesn’t heal people today. Obviously, I don’t fall into that category.

It’s difficult to know why God heals some people immediately, while healing others slowly or not at all. But over the years, I may have gained a little insight into this. As I revealed in my faith experience, God healed me of deep emotional pain caused by an act of childhood sex abuse. I’m writing this because I believe He wants to heal others of this trauma. I wish I could say my healing was instantaneous, but it was not. It took many years of praying for God’s help and being rebaptized in the Holy Spirit to finally get free. I want to share my experience and offer encouragement to those who may be walking the same path. There is hope for you! Continue reading

My Faith Experience: Part 4

So here I was–despite the spiritual hunger in my soul–wondering if I would ever go back to church. Months began to slip away into years. Meanwhile, the anger and hurt that had been brewing in my heart began to overwhelm me.

I had been praying for years for God to help me forgive people who had hurt me in the past. The list of people was long and the pain very deep. At 8 years old, I was molested. At 11, a visiting missionary in his 50s came onto me. In elementary and middle school, some of my friends used me. In high school, people teased or ignored me. And of course, the pastor I had loved and supported through several of my young adult years betrayed me. Though God was helping me, I couldn’t escape the memories, and anger gnawed at me constantly. Continue reading