Why I’m (Functionally) Egalitarian

Yesterday, I stumbled across an interesting post on the Gospel Coalition Voices blog. In it was the following quote by Russell Moore, dean of Theology at the Southern Baptist Seminary:

What I fear is that we have many people in evangelicalism who can check off “complementarian” on a box but who really aren’t living out complementarian lives. Sometimes I fear we have marriages that are functionally egalitarian, because they are within the structure of the larger society. If all we are doing is saying “male headship” and “wives submit to your husbands,” but we’re not really defining what that looks like . . . in this kind of culture, when those things are being challenged, then it’s simply going to go away.

I hate to break it to Dr. Moore, but…duh!¬†Because when you practice the kind of complementarianism outlined by the Bible, that’s what you get: something functionally egalitarian. Continue reading

Why Women Worship

The Anointing of Jesus

Today, many Christian writers and pastors lament the lack of men in the church. Despite all the books written on the subject and all the programs designed to draw men into the church, congregations remain stubbornly and overwhelmingly female. Experts estimate that between 55 and 70 percent of churchgoers are women–a statistic that confounds the people who claim that the Bible and church are hateful toward women.

Of course, there are sociological, psychological and other reasons for why so many women are drawn to Christianity. (See “Why are Most Churchgoers Women?” for a scholarly overview of these various reasons.) However, I’d like to provide one simple explanation of why the gospel appeals so strongly to women–perhaps one that hasn’t been explored in much detail. But first we have to go back–way back–to the beginning of history. Continue reading

Grace, The Great Equalizer

What is your reaction to the following statement?

Jesus shed his blood to redeem the sins of all mankind. That means the same blood that was shed for your sins was also shed for the sins of Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong Il, and Charlie Manson. The same blood was also shed for Marilyn Manson, Richard Dawkins, and the terrorists who knocked down the Twin Towers. If Charlie Manson fell on his knees in repentance today and accepted Christ as his savior, he would go to the same heaven to which you and I are going. And Jesus would greet him in the same way at the pearly gates, saying, “Welcome, my son! Enter into your eternal reward.”¬†

Some people really have a problem with this scenario. They struggle to accept that Jesus loves murderers, rapists, and slanderers of his name as much as any Christian, and that he is willing to forgive their sins with the same grace as he forgives white lies and petty theft. It just doesn’t seem…fair. Continue reading