7 Christian Men Christian Women Shouldn’t Date


Image by Pixabay

You may have seen some articles floating around about the types of women Christian men shouldn’t date. Sure, there’s some out there about the kinds of men Christian women shouldn’t date, too, but they’re mostly about men who are afraid of commitment or who don’t take their faith seriously.

But what about those who do? Is every dedicated Christian man great marriage material? Some would say yes, but I beg to differ. So here are my 7 CHRISTIAN men that Christian women should stay far, far away from. Continue reading

It’s not legalism…until it is

I was browsing some of the Christian blogs on WordPress the other day and came across one entitled “I’m not being legalistic. I’m just being real.” The author, Chris, talks about how he decided not to watch certain TV shows and movies because they were “complete filth” and seemed inappropriate for him to watch as a Christian. He said that because of his decision, some people were accusing him of being legalistic – more concerned with adhering to a ‘biblical’ standard of purity than exercising his freedom in Christ.

On this point, I disagree with his detractors. Deciding for yourself that something is inappropriate to watch based on personal convictions is not legalistic. As the Apostle Paul famously stated, “All things are lawful for me, but not all things edify” (1 Corinthians 10:23b). If you don’t find The Walking Dead edifying, then by all means, turn it off. I won’t complain.

But then Chris continues by describing practices that he engages in to keep his ‘flesh’ in check: like parking far away from the front of a store and walking, even when closer spaces are available. He explains that the flesh is lazy and likes to be pampered, which is a desire that stands in direct conflict with the Spirit. So trekking across big parking lots is one (small) way he keeps his flesh in subjection and makes more room for the Spirit. Continue reading