Vine, Branches and Fruit: A Meditation

Two summers ago, I rescued a sick, wilting hydrangea plant from my backyard. The previous owner of my home had planted it in a bad spot where it failed to thrive. So I moved it to a shady bed and very slowly, very tenderly nursed it back to health.

This year, for the first time, the plant is blooming: big heads of pink flowers. However, the plant itself is still rather small, and the blooms are large and heavy by comparison. The other day, I noticed a bloom about to break off under its own weight, so I cut it and placed it in a glass of water on my dining room table. I was over the moon. The bloom was gorgeous and lush with health. It brightened up the dining room for several days.

Then, after days of unchanged beauty, the bloom suddenly shriveled. The water I had placed it in was inadequate to sustain it forever. As I watched the flower fade, I thought about Christ’s parable of the vine and branches in John 15: Continue reading