Jesus wouldn’t vote for anybody

It never fails. It seems I can’t go anywhere, Internet or otherwise, without hearing some sort of political remark–despite being almost two years removed from an election season. And 95% of the time, an argument ensues between two people about whom Jesus would vote for. The liberal person states that Jesus would certainly vote Democrat, the party that promotes social justice and seeks to aid the poor. The conservative, of course, says that Jesus would vote Republican, the party that touts family values, protects the unborn and encourages personal responsibility.

Countless blog posts (and their comment sections) have been dedicated to this topic. Writers going ’round and ’round about which political party, candidate and policy is most Christian. Pastors both fundamental and progressive taking to their pulpits to make their case for Jesus supporting their favorite legislation. It’s all so very…pointless.

Everyone engaged in these discussions has apparently forgotten one critical fact: Kings don’t vote. Continue reading

Lord, Bend Me!

For the past few weeks, my church cell group has been talking about revival. Last night we discussed how God chooses believers to be catalysts for revival. One of the stories that came up was that of Evan Roberts, a Welsh coal miner-turned-preacher who began a revival in 1904 that saw 100,000 converts in one year. It’s listed among the greatest revivals in history.

But what’s astonishing about this story is how the revival came about. For 11 years, Roberts prayed for revival to come to his community. He asked God to bend the hearts around him to God’s will. Even while he dug in the coal mines, Roberts prayed. In essence, his prayer was “Lord, bend them.” For 11 years, his request went unanswered.

Finally, Roberts attended a Christian convention with evangelist Seth Joshua. While Joshua prayed over a group of believers, Roberts heard him say, “Lord, bend them.” Roberts took up the prayer, applying it to himself: “Lord, bend me!” Within six months, Roberts was leading thousands of souls to Christ.

Many Christians today pray for God to change their communities, their friends, their families, their employers, their coworkers and their president. But what God really wants is to empower believers to do His work. That requires a change in us. God doesn’t just want to bend your boss. He wants to bend you!

Consider the scriptures: Continue reading