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  2. Wow, I remember I came across your article about what it feels like to have holy spirit. Mind you, I was suddenly unexceptbly baptized in holy spirit with fire. That was about 2 weeks after I surrendered my life to God after feeling weird sensation on top of my head. I thought it was God so I surrendered. That was about year and 9 months ago. My friend recently gave me link to that article, imagine my surprise when it was exact same article I came across (at that time I had no experience) but with 1 year and 9 months under my belt. I can easily confirm everything that author, April Kelsey, have said about holy spirit. The description exactly matches what I’m feeling. There was one thing missing ( I’m not sure if it’s included). You see, I’m deaf and I can’t really hear anything but with this holy spirit. I can hear very beautiful heavenly song around my head and inside of my body. I never heard song before and this was what God played for me. It’s been like that 24/7. It’s pleasant feeling. God bless you!!!

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